Portrait of the artist Mariu F. Lacayo


Mariu F. Lacayo is a contemporary artist and a Plastic Arts Master from Managua, Nicaragua. Her work is inspired by the human existence, the delicately intertwined universal parallels, and their subconscious. Her contemporary work reflects the talent and potential of modern Latin American art. 



This exposition gathered four artists with a prosperous international trajectory: Ilse Ortiz, Mariu F. Lacayo, Marilia Bulhoes, and Arnolkis Turro. With defined artistic identity, the differences between these artists made this exhibition an extraordinary opportunity to traverse different visual languages and experience the contemporary art of Latin America.
Dialogo Contemporaneo Escultura
Portrait of MariuF. Lacayo


Born in 1962 in Managua, Nicaragua, Mariu’s artistic journey began at a young age. The opportunity to work with professionals and artists all over the world have marked the evolution of her artistic abilities, from classic textile-like art, to modern, contemporary pieces inspired by quantum theory and the human experience. Her acrylic strings and colorful hanks perfectly balance color and illusion and reflect on her one-of-a-kind sculpture work. Her inspiration come from the belief that everything happens in parallel inter-dimensions. 

Mariu is considered one of the founders of Nicaraguan sensorial, visual, and  objective art. Her art has had international presence all around the world, with expositions in New York, Miami, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay, Central America, and more. With over 40 expositions all over the world, she has established herself as the Plastic Arts Master in Nicaragua. Learn more about Mariu by clicking the link below.