As a Nicaraguan art magnate and founder of contemporary visual expression, Mariu’s art has seen expositions all over the world. Her pieces have been featured in worldwide exhibitions like RED Dot Miami, Festival Arte en Mayo, and other countries like Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Uruguay, and more.    


Mariu F. Lacayo

“If looking at my art evokes the same feeling on the observer that I felt when I worked on the art piece, I will feel satisfied as an artist.”

– Mariu F. Lacayo  

Mariu was born in 1962 in Managua, Nicaragua, more than a decade before the devastating revolution. Her artistic trajectory began at a young age, showing interest in painting and illustration before her teenage years. With the opportunity to travel to countries like Italy, Spain, and other European magnates of contemporary art and expression, Mariu’s evolution as an artist began from religious imagery, to textile art, to contemporary, modern paintings inspired by quantum string theory. She aims to stimulates public observation or kinetic art as an optical and mental exercise, encouraging the viewer to create new and better interdimensions from our imagination. 

Through her art, she proposes acceptance of our diversity and phenomenology, in order to accept “our other,” both the one who resides within us—who judges us harshly—and the one outside, our neighbor, who is also judged from our perspective.


Estudios de Pintura

Scuola di Arte Vigna Chiara.
Roma, Italia


Estudios de Pintura Hiperrealista

Maestro Reynaldo Hernandez.
Managua, Nicaragua


Curso de Arte del Renacimiento al Impresionismo

Dra. Belgica Rodriguez.
Managua, Nicaragua


Historia del Arte Contemporaneo

Milagros Bello.
Miami, Florida


Texturas Magicas

Banco Central De Nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua


Quantum Garden

Red Dot Miami
Miami, Florida


Homenaje a Ixchel

Festival Arte En Mayo
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala


Realidades Paralelas

Dialogo Contemporaneo
Managua, Nicaragua


Premio Carlos Montenegro

Best of Show
Banco Central de Nicaragua


Her Art

Mariu F. Lacayo

Living In

Managua, Nicaragua